Essential Concepts of your own D9 Navamsa Chart

Essential Concepts of your own D9 Navamsa Chart

From this point, you have made a concept of the overall power of D9 Navamsa Chart. Regardless of if, new planets are favouring one another while score a standard view of the fresh D9 graph. However, that is still shortage of so we should go deeper to locate a precise achievement. For this, we have to discover certain important vedic astrology rules about your Navamsa D9 Chart.

The next step is to go after that deep with the D9 graph from the analysing private houses. Starting from the very first house for the twelfth domestic and you may while making called for conclusions and you may forecasts.

Something you should recall is that you should always browse the fuel of planet both in charts. In the event the an earth is poor inside D1 chart but solid in the D9 graph, one could stop the entire world can begin giving good results.

Evaluate the newest seventh Lord within the D1 Delivery Chart and check new Standing within the Navamsa Chart

Checking god of the 7th family for the D1 graph, we get an idea of and this world was governing the house off marriage. From here we obtain to know the latest lover identity and you can lover sort of and the features you to definitely code new mate. By checking where in fact the seventh house lord from inside the D1 graph is actually positioned in D9 navamsa graph, we can determine what functions it takes to hang this new matrimony and you can enjoy and since at which your a couple of is with her.

  • Wealth regarding partner immediately after wedding because the seventh home lord Mars is just about to this new 11th home when you look at the D1 chart. 11th home is our house off riches and you will growth.
  • The latest Spouse gets good angry cranky personality. Because the Mars try governing the fresh new 7th domestic from inside the D1 chart. Companion is likewise committed.
  • After matrimony, there’s loads of expenses becoming compiled once the sa chart. Companion may get inspired with lesser health conditions. 6th home represents expenses and enemies and problems. While there is a love ranging from 7th home (Spouse), 11th home(wealth) and you can sixth home(Debts). We could ending because of the saying that there are large amount of wide range once marriage however, truth be told there is expense.

Partner character regarding seventh home away from Navamsa

Moon: When Moon is within the 7th family away from Navamsa Graph after that the fresh new partner will get an excellent psychological personality. He/She will become stunning and sexual which have a fair skin and you may a flaccid cardio and you can soft-spoken.

Sun: Whenever Sunlight is inResults regarding seventh Lord from Navamsa otherwise D9 chart the fresh 7th domestic out-of Navamsa Chart then spouse usually are curious about music and tool, will receive thinking pride and can wanted care about-admiration in the people. He might keeps brief height, large head, upright locks etc. When Navamsa Sunshine within the seventh residence is solid,The person ily record.

sa Chart helps make the mate keeps a very competitive and you may irritable identity. The new mate will receive fury things nevertheless spouse is challenging, daring, courageous with many different times. Brand new spouse will love to play recreations or manage issues one comes to regular activities, the lover will also have an interest in cooking.

Venus: Venus throughout the 7th household from Navamsa Graph helps make the mate gets an extremely enjoying and compassionate identification. The fresh new companion could be handsome and beautiful. The latest companion would-be attracted to luxury items and all of sort away from situation comforts. Brand new partner will love songs and inventive arts.

Mercury: Whenever Mercury from the 7th house away from Navamsa Chart, brand new companion will be really communicative and you may chatty. The fresh companion would-be friendly in general and start to become an effective inside knowledge and providers. This new partner might possibly be fond of literary works and you may writing.

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